Miniature Dachshund Puppies: Fun on the Ranch

Miniature Dachshund Puppies: Fun on the Ranch

Mini New Breeders

by Jennifer Luke on 05/09/17

We have two beautiful new male breeders we will be using in the fall. Everyone has been asking for shorthair pups so we have got 2 new males. Simba is our ee red shorthair male and Spur is our Black and tan dapple shorthair male. Both so gorgeous, such floppy ears and beautiful conformation. Spur comes from champion bloodlines and I was told Simba does as well a little further back in the generation. These are some adorable small male mini dachshunds. So look out for their stunning pups late fall/winter.

New Puppies

by Jennifer Luke on 12/31/16

Beautiful new puppies have arrived from our new blue and cream male. The kids want to of course keep them all, but we will be keeping maybe 2, atleast one, will give update soon. Do not know if they are short hair or long hair yet.

Next Year Litters

by Jennifer Luke on 12/13/16

We have a huge notification list started, so if you don't get a puppy this round or don't end up finding a puppy, next year we will have some awesome litters. Please join our notification list to get first views of the new puppies. Freckles, my sweet girl, just came into heat so she will have some gorgeous pups towards the end of February. We may even keep a few from this litter to add to the family.


















puppies are growing

by Jennifer Luke on 09/30/16

Next year we should have some unique and beautiful pups! Our little ladies are growing well and looking beautiful and we cant wait to see what colors they produce next year! They are all sweet dolls!

Puppies for Sale

by Jennifer Luke on 09/09/16

We said goodbye to the babies this past week! Glad they have new kiddos to play with! They will be missed! We currently do not have any puppies for sale, nor are we selling any of our older dogs. Puppies are not expected till the end of the year probably December!

Waiting List

by Jennifer Luke on 08/27/16

We have a waiting notification list started for Gingys puppies but these puppies would be looking at being born around December if she breeds this time around. 

Freckles puppies are due next week!

by Jennifer Luke on 07/05/16

Freckles puppies are due next week and we couldn't be more excited for her! She looks like a walking furry whale... so we are hoping for a few beautiful puppies! She rarely goes outside anymore and is glued to the couch! The parents of these pups are seriously the sweetest! They have such wonderful family temperaments and will be great with kids! I would keep them all if I could!!

Upcoming litter

by Jennifer Luke on 06/27/16

Summer is back and it is hot enough to fry an egg on the porch! ugh!! Poor ole Freckles is as big as a cow now and is due somewhere around the 11th of July. I remember being pregnant during this heat and man it stinks! But she mainly spends her days sleeping on the couch or watching peter rabbit and dinosaur shows with the kids. (What a life!)We cant wait to see what colors we get from this litter. Please add your name to the notification list if you would like to be notified when the litter arrives. We may take her up to the vet and get a sonogram done this week just to see how many puppies we are expecting! We have NO patience whatsoever so we will keep you updated!

Client Photos...Please send me photos...We love photos and would love to see them as they grow! :)
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