Thank you for your interest in one of our Muddy River Babies! 


​-Upon email/text verification of approval, we will send you an invoice through paypal. We require a deposit of $300 to hold a dachshund until 8 weeks. This deposit is nonrefundable, as the puppy is being put on hold for you and we are passing on other buyers. If the puppy is shipping, the balance must be paid in full 10 days before shipping. IF they are not shipping, balances need to be paid by the 6th week unless other arrangements have been made. Failure to pay the balances by the due date will result in the puppy being put back up for sale and deposits forfeited. Besides paypal, we will accept square pay with a credit card. We will on occassion accept checks or money orders that are overnighted for deposits, however if the balance is paid by check or money order it must be paid 2 weeks before pick up. Puppies will not ship until money has cleared. I do not charge a paypal fee on the deposit but There is a 3% fee on paypal balances.

-All puppies posted are on a first come first serve basis. Clients with a deposit first and then notification lists are sent out, we always get first pick.

-Once the deposit is made there are NO refunds or switching dogs unless the dog would sadly pass away. 

-We ship with priority pet service/pet safe on a passenger plane. They will be vet checked and they must have a health certificate to fly. 

Shipping will usually run somewhere around $285 to $350 depending on the area. If it is extremely cold or hot, they will have to go on an airlines which is temperature controlled and this will usually cost more. 

Safety of the puppy is ALWAYS a priority. Our nearest airport is the San Antonio airport which is about a 2 1/2 hour roundtrip for us or more depending on the San Antonio traffic to drop off. I usually ship on a Saturday or Sunday but depending on the date and time there may be an additional fee. They usually leave San Antonio in the morning and arrive to you by the afternoon or evening. Shipping/Vet/Crate fees will be added to the puppy price. These fees are the buyers expenses and the rates can fluctuate so if there is a rate increase this will need to be paid as well. Shipping is at the risk of the buyer, once the puppy leaves our care for shipment we have no control over the puppy. You can buy insurance through the carrier if you would like, the airline told me rarely anyone purchases the insurance, but if you are interested I can get you a quote.

-Besides shipping, you can fly into the San Antonio airport, rent a car for the day and come pick your puppy up. We usually meet clients in Floresville at the Walmart to help with the drive. I do not meet at the airport terminals/baggage claim as the airport parking is under construction, I have to pay to park, take a bus to the terminal and back with a ypung child and then wait on the flights which sometimes are delayed.

​-Puppies normally leave our care at 8 weeks of age. I have released a few puppies a little earlier if they are completely weaned from the mother and eating extremely well and gaining weight well. I have also released a few puppies later than 8 weeks if they are not eating food well and need some extra time. Each puppy will be evaluated individually for a release date and the new puppy parents need to be understanding that the puppies health is our utmost concern. We are so excited for you to get your new baby, but we must make sure he or she is put first.

ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE AKC BRED! Puppies are listed as pet only-Spay/Nueter, or come with limited AKC registration as noted. Sometimes puppies are priced with Full AKC. Full AKC will have a higher price and it will be listed if it is available and is at our discretion. We have the right to place puppies and deny anyone a sale and refund a deposit at anytime if we do not feel the puppy will go to a good home. We have spent a lot time researching and lots of investment trying to find excellent breeding dogs therefore AKC will cost more and will only be on certain litters.

-No puppies will be sold to puppy mills, pet brokers nor pet stores....they are looking for FOREVER homes ONLY

-We can deliver to some areas. We usually can meet for free within a 30 mile radius, after that we do charge by the mile unless prior agreement is made.

1 YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE: This will be in the contract you receive. It will need to be returned within 7 days signed for the Genetic Health Guarantee.

We offer a one year health guarantee against genetic health defects. All Puppies sold by Muddy River Dachshund are guaranteed for 48 hours from the time of purchase against any health disorders. If you fail to have the puppy examined by a vet within the first 48 hours, the contract is null and void and offers no guarantee. Receipt and Vet documentation done within the 48 hours will need to be provided for the guarantee to be valid.

This limited Health Guarantee covers the cost of the puppy only. The guarantee is limited to the development of any serious, life threatening genetic defects within 1 year. The breeder is NOT responsible for any associated charges such as shipping, vet fees, or stress. We recommend you have your puppy examined by a vet within 48 hours, failure to do so will void this warranty. Once the puppy has been evaluated by a vet and verified healthy the breeder assumes no further responsibility of the condition of the puppy since the care of the puppy is out of our control. The buyer assumes responsibility to carry on with appropriate care, feeding and vaccinations. At no time will the breeder be responsible for any veterinarian fees incurred.

In the event the puppy develops a life threatening genetic disorder within 1 year of the puppy's date of birth, the breeder will require a written report from a licensed veterinarian with proof of the disorder, and we require a review of the report by our veterinarian confirming the disorder. IF it is confirmed as a life threatening genetic disorder, we will offer a replacement puppy of the same sex and value as soon as one is available. There are no refunds. The dog must be returned to the breeder within 48 hours by the buyer. 

 General Terms

1. We make no guarantee that your puppy is show quality or breeding stock, as this cannot be determined at such a young age.

2. There is no guarantee on the size , conformation, disposition, and color of the puppy, as this can be affected by possible overfeeding and possible shading of color, which cannot be controlled by the breeder.

3. We are not responsible for any veterinarian fees, test reports, stress, treatments, transportation cost receiving or returning of puppy, or any related expenses.

4. This puppy has been wormed and vaccinated according to the age of the puppy. Buyer realizes that the puppy purchased is a live animal and it carries the risk of the puppy contracting various parasites, bacteria, and viruses that are not in the control of the breeder. Beyond the 48 hours, the breeder offers NO guarantee on infectious disease.

5. Our dogs receive top notch care, and they are raised indoors however common parasites, ticks, worms, coccidia, etc are not a cause for replacement as they are NOT genetic problems. We always make every effort to make sure the puppy is heathy. Natural aging process, malnutrition, undescended testicles, elongated soft palate, allergies, heat stroke, hernias, dermatitis, color dilution, alopecia, obesity are never covered. IT ONLY COVERS LIFE THREATENING GENETIC DEFECTS.

6. Buyer agrees this puppy will never be sold to retailers, dealers, wholesealers, auctions, brokers, breeders, or puppy mills. Buyer will assume responsibility to carry on with appropriate feeding, care, and vaccinations. The dog will reside with the buyer as a companion pet.

​By putting a deposit on a puppy, you accept these policies. The buyer agrees to be bound by the provisions of this Limited Health Guarantee and the breeder neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees other than what is written in this agreement.

             SHIPPING & DEPOSITS
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